Jess Moulds
NZ Registered Dietitian and Netballer

Hello everyone…

Welcome to Relish Nutrition – my favourite place to share lots of awesome nutrition related stuff with you all. The word ‘Relish’ read straight from the dictionary means to; enjoy greatly, savour, revel in, and look forward to. These words ring true for me in so many areas of my life and Relish Nutrition is an expression of these words in the context of food and nutrition. Whether it be about learning to listen to your body again, reaching your sporting goals, understanding different nutrients and how they work in your body or simply deciding what to make for dinner, I hope you find something on my website that resonates with you.

I am passionate about inspiring you all to share my love of food and on finding a way of living and eating that works best for you!

Find my favourite recipes under the ‘Recipes’ tab in my blog and be sure to sign up for my free nutrition tips at the bottom of the page 🙂

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I specialise in:

  • Optimising health and energy levels
  • Managing emotional eating
  • Gut health issues/IBS
  • Managing diabetes and cholesterol
  • Sports nutrition
  • Women’s Health

I can’t wait to work with you!