The 5 best non-food related changes
I made to my life this year

They are all still a work in progress but I will definitely be taking them with me into 2016.

Number 1 – I prioritised my goals
Goal setting is so important but it is even more important you prioritise these goals because trying to achieve too many at once can be overwhelming. The wonderful Claire Turnbull once told me “you can do anything but not everything all at once” and this is so true. It has been such an important learning for me this year.

Write down the things you really want to achieve next year and number them from highest to lowest priority. Then make a really clear plan on how you are going to achieve the first 1 or 2. Nail them first and then move down the list. One or two may be ongoing but you can keep revisiting those and achieving smaller goals alongside them.

Number 2 – I was more aware and grateful for the small and wonderful things that happen to us everyday

This year I made a real effort to be grateful for all of the amazing things that surround us daily i.e. the flowers on the side of the road, the smell of clean washing, the feeling of my pillow when I hop into bed, the food I had for dinner, the amazing sunset – you get the idea. Studies have shown that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces feelings of depression and stress. An easy win!

Number 3 – I embraced set backs and challenges
The scariest, most nerve-wracking opportunities and challenges definitely gave me the biggest reward. If it doesn’t make you at least a little nervous, it is probably too easy.

Number 4 – I didn’t give a f#$% about things that were not f*#$worthy
Excuse the language but this is by far the best piece of advice I received this year. We give out f$%#s way too easily and to be honest, it is totally draining. Save your f$#@s for things that actually matter and let everything else pass on by! It is such a weight off your shoulders and has done wonders for my stress levels.

Number 5 – I created more ‘me’ time
I still love being busy and filling my life with lots of different things but every week I make time to do something that relaxes me. I stay away from my phone, don’t check my emails and switch off from life completely. Whether it is reading a book, having a bath, window shopping, going out for lunch or going for a walk, I feel so much more refreshed after doing it. It doesn’t just happen though, I really have to make the effort and plan in the time. It is so worth it.

Merry Xmas everyone. I hope you have an amazing time with friends and family and get some time to relax 🙂
Bring on 2016!

What do you want to achieve this coming year?

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