How to Stay Healthy Over The Silly Season

Healthy eating over the festive season can be challenging as there is often a lot more food and alcohol around, not to mention the extra social events there are to attend. It is important to remember that this is a time to relax with loved ones and delicious food is part of the enjoyment so … Continued

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

These delicious balls of peanut buttery goodness are a nutritious snack for any time of the day, perfect for healthy school lunch boxes and especially good when you need a little energy boost. The peanut butter and walnuts are a great source of satisfying healthy fats, the oats add fibre and wholegrain carbohydrate while the … Continued

How to Make an Epic Smoothie

With a bit of thought, smoothies can be an awesome addition to your day and are perfect when you want something quick, easy and nutritious. I will often have a smoothie for breakfast or as a recovery snack after a hard training. Smoothies are a much better option than fresh juices because they contain all … Continued