3 Supermarket Traps to Watch Out For

Last night I nipped down to the supermarket to get something ‘quick and easy’ for dinner as there was nothing (well nothing I felt like) in the cupboards. Usually I love a casual stroll around the supermarket but this was not one of those times. After forgetting my wallet, jamming my finger in the car door, and an awful egg incident I was well and truly ready to walk out with nothing. But, I boxed on and got a few essentials whilst also noticing a couple of supermarket traps that seemed to be sucking people in. I had to share them with you.

3 supermarket traps to watch out for…

Number 1 – The new diet craze on the magazine cover

While lining up in an extremely busy self checkout line I noticed that 4 out of 5 magazines on the rack had some sort of “quick fix” diet regime to ensure we have our bikini body ready to go before summer rolls around. Like any normal human who sees a headline “Your Best Bikini Body Starts Now” and “Drop 6kg with Kourts Tips”, I picked up the magazine and started skimming through what they had to say. I bet you can guess what I found…yep another flavourless diet regime that is completely unrealistic to stick to long term, but makes you feel as though it is definitely going to be one that works. How many times have you been sucked into one of these headlines? Let me guess, your story goes a little like this…

You start day 1 strong with your egg white omelette for breakfast, tuna and salad for lunch, carrots and hummus for afternoon tea, poached chicken and steamed veggies for dinner, and a nice herbal tea just before bed…sound familiar?

You stick to this diet (pretty much) for 2,3, maybe 4 days and then you think to yourself “i’ve been so good” so just one biscuit won’t hurt. Next minute, half the packet is gone. Am I reading your mind?

Then, the guilt rolls in and you beat yourself up because you’ve blown a weeks worth of effort and this was supposed to be the time you really stuck to it. Now that you’ve blown it, you may as well have the leftover chips from your sons lunch AND the chocolate that you put at the back of the pantry AND an extra serving of pasta at dinner time and start fresh tomorrow.

Every day my clients share a similar version of these thoughts with me. They feel as though they have failed and don’t have enough willpower to stick to the diet. The truth is, the diet failed them because diets fail everyone and let me shout this DIETS DONT WORK LONG TERM!

Each one of us only has a certain amount of will power stored up, meaning will power will always run out. If the way you are eating relies solely on will power, it will fail you and eventually you will give up and say “bugger this, I am going to eat whatever the hell I want” or slip back into old habits because the new ones just aren’t sustainable.

What works time and time again with my clients is learning to listen to your body again, finding a way of eating that is sustainable and works best for you and your family, as well as changing the way you think and feel about food. Teaching you all of these things is impossible to do in a blog post. My advice is to invest your time, effort and money into seeking out people and support that will help you do those things. If you see a diet that looks to good to be true, it definitely is. Avoid it like the plague and get in touch with someone who will help find what works best for you.


Number 2 – Nutrition claims with no scientific backing

While wandering through the aisles pondering dinner options, I overheard two lovely ladies talking about the benefits of almond milk. Essentially one was telling the other to change to almond milk because it is healthier, more natural and has way more protein and nutrients than cows milk. So both of them put 2 cartons of almond milk in their trolleys and continued on. It made me think that this kind of misinformation is thrown around willy nilly and people either believe it without question or get so confused that they listen to the people who scream their message the loudest. So just to clarify, almond milk is not necessarily healthier than cows milk. It is true that some people have intolerances or allergies to cows milk and need to avoid it for health reasons. However, choosing almond milk because is the more natural choice is absolutely false.

Just look at the ingredients list on each product. Cows milk contains 1 ingredient – milk, whereas almond milk has 8 different ingredients and only 2.5% of it is actually almonds. The rest is water, sugar, flavours, emulsifiers, salt and vegetable gum – definitely not the more natural choice. Sugar wise they are similar, however the sugar in cows milk is naturally occurring lactose and the sugar in almond milk is white sugar that has been added by the manufacturer.

Cows milk actually has 5 x the amount of protein than almond milk not to mention the extra calcium, phosphorus, D and B vitamins so is far more superior in terms of nutrient quantity.

If you prefer the taste of almond milk or choose it because of health or ethical reasons reasons, that is absolutely up to you, but I wanted to clarify that the supermarket stuff is not the more nutritious, natural choice. I know where I will continue to invest my money.



Number 3 – Eggs on the edge of the shelf

This one needs no explanation….

Feel free to laugh at me. I deserve it!



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